Turkish Customs Regulations Change

We would like to advise all customers of the recent changes to the clearance of goods now being implemented by Turkish Customs.

Any consignment falling within the following categories will be classified as “High Value” and as such the following procedure must be followed.


1. For re-sale in Turkey/p>

2. Weights over 30 kilos

3. has a clearance value of over £1400

– A (POA) Power of Attorney must be obtained from the consignee to authorise clearance

We would therefore urge all customers to advise us of any consignment that may potentially fall within the “High Value” category, prior to confirmation of the booking so that we can ensure its chances of clearance prior to shipping.

It must be noted that shipments can sit in the customs freight sheds or bonded areas for some time whilst paperwork is processed or prepared prior to the consignment being released, and that storage / demurrage charges may occur if the correct entry procedure is not followed.

Shipments falling outside of the “High Value” category will be cleared as normal. –V.Caynes