Packing A Parcel

Before arriving at its destination your parcel may experience vibrations or have other parcels placed on top of it during transit, so it is important to use these tips and help your parcel arrive In the best possible condition

Step 1
Choose a sturdy box to sufficiently protect your items in transit. Remembering to remove any old labels or stickers.
Step 2
Keep breakages to a minimum by using internal packaging like bubble wrap, packing beads or even old paper
Step 3
Place a copy of the label inside your parcel.
Step 4
Once packaged, seal your parcel with parcel tape and attach labels securely ensuring the address is visible.
Step 5
Put a distinguishing mark on the box to make it easy to identify.
Step 6
Take a photo of your parcel for your records.

Packaging tips
We are always here should you need any help packing your parcel, or if you have high-value items to send, get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to assist.

Fragile items
Fragile items should have plenty of padding around them in the box in order to protect it while in transit. This is especially true for Laptops and glass which will not be covered by insurance if packed badly

Smaller items
Small items like books and DVDs should be delivered in padded envelopes or boxes to protect them from any accidental damage in transit.

Filling the space
Bubble wrap, packing chips, or paper shreds are excellent ways to fill empty spaces and keep your items secure in the box.

Sending gifts
When sending a gift, try and keep any attractive gift-wrapping contained in the delivery packaging. We also suggest using strong packaging tape or a strapping machine.

Picking the packaging
We recommend using strong packaging that hasn’t been damaged and preferably that hasn’t been used before. However, if you are reusing a box, ensure that all old labels have been removed.

Mailing address
For peace of mind, we recommend including a note with the address of the receiver.

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