Online System

Our online booking and tracking system allows you to book, track and manage your account online without having to pick up the phone (although we are always happy to personally take your bookings over the phone)

  • In order to set up your online account please click here. Once we set up your account we will then provide you with your username and password which will then allow you to access your online account.
  • Once you have set up an account, you will have full access to our online system which allows you to administer your bookings, with a full database of consignee addresses saved for ease of use.
  • You can check the status of consignments using the shipment reference number which is generated at time of booking.
  • You can check and manage your invoices online.
  • You can receive email alerts and updates with regards to the process of your shipment.
  • PODs (proof of delivery) are all available online. We also automatically email all POD's to your inbox.
  • All paperwork and customs documentation can be completed online through our easy system or we can complete these for you if required.

Some of the online reports available to Onflight Courier Customers

  • View Bookings requested
  • View driver run sheet for Overnight and International Collections
  • View current jobs and search job history via archives
  • View all your invoices