Environmental Statement

Here at Onflight we try to have as little impact on our environment as possible; whether it is by reusing or recycling all (paper and board) products within the office, recycling printer cartridges or operating a total shutdown policy on all equipment out of office hours and a standby policy during office hours (saving electricity and gas), we are committed to doing all that we can.

We encourage all of our fleet suppliers to introduce new environmentally friendly vehicles the moment they become available, and have the flexibility to only work with like minded companies sharing our commitment to being environmentally responsible. We are happy to supply our clients with emission and carbon footprint reports upon request.

Commitment to environmental Responsibility

• All vehicles within our fleet are under 3 years old.
• All vehicles are maintained and inspected to reduce fuel emissions and fully compliant
with LEZ standards 2012
• All paper based general waste is shredded and recycled.
• We are committed to the reduction of email and report printing in favour of data transfer.
• We encourage the use of bio-degradable products where plastics have to be used.
• We encourage the use of recycled products for our packaging services.
• We utilise non-plastic products wherever possible.
• We maximise energy conservation.

Carbon Balance

Despite our best efforts to achieve organic carbon neutrality we still believe there is more that we can do to rebalance our carbon usage whilst having a positive effect on our environment, and are therefore proud to be a corporate supporter of Trees for life one of the UK`s most respected conservation group; doing wonderful environmental work in restoring the Caledonian Forest and contributing to carbon sequestration.

We take our commitment to carbon reduction and being carbon conscious seriously, but we are also just as passionate in preserving the environment and being aware of our social responsibilities.

If you would like to make a donation to Trees for Life please contact us on 020 7250 3151 or follow the link above.