COVID-19 Statement


I’m sure you’ll agree these are quite exceptional times for all of us; I was recently talking to an agent in Italy and life for them has become almost unrecognisable; there is a 7pm curfew, all bars and restaurants are closed, no visitors are allowed at home and even jogging has been banned.

Fortunately, here in the UK we have yet to reach this level of restriction, though the recent announcement from the government asking that we reduce our time outdoors for a period of 12 weeks will have a significant effect on parts of the community. These are unprecedented times but we will get through it if we remain calm, use common sense and follow best advice from the medical community.

Here at Onflight Couriers we will continue to monitor and implement all government best practice recommendations and will remain open to monitor and process all outstanding and new consignments until ordered not to by the authorities.

Vernon Caynes (M.D.)